[ FASHION HACK ] | Hackathon 2016

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[ FASHION HACK] is a category of  the GKHack16 Hackathon that will be held in the City Of Tshwane |Pretoria at the Innovation Hub. This category will be driven by the Tshwane Fashion Project and GeeKulcha. This amazing initiative will bring together the best Fashion creatives from Tshwane and the best ITC youth from all over South Africa. The FASHION HACK category will have an additional set of activities comprised of the following 3 aspects, 1) an app proto-type test, 2) mini fashion show and 3) media interviews. This marks the merge of Fashion and Technology and promotes the smart growing world of Fashion in a big way. An incredible way to promote the creative industry merging with the technology discipline and bringing the unique respective fields together. – The Tshwane Fashion Project


{ Mid-Week Inspiration } #brandingyou

The life we all talk about!! The one that everyone see’s in their hopes, dreams and aspirations…It is so possible and the realisation of it so close that I can almost taste it. I am so inspired today at the fact that I am meant to be more than what I am. Not to be fake or change myself into someone else, but to enhance my skills, attributes and grow within and without.

It can be done! Watch this space #branding you

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{ She Wolf }

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The She Wolf

Each day is a new challenge, I fear for my life and the life of my child. Not as a weak and naive girl, but as the she wolf I have become. The She Wolf he made me in his own darkness. Does this give him more power to control “what he has made”. My stance on it is that I have a life to protect, my young is what I am guarding with my life and the heart of my young lies within me.

With eyes piercing through my soul, I now realize what he is and that I was once blinded to the truth of it. I stand strong and I stand stern, ready to attack and fight back. Not in the way he wanted…No, I have done that for too long a time. To fight back for my life, for my sanity and my happiness.

In mourning a relationship I so believed was true, I begin to fuel my strength with every lie and every manipulation I now see and remember.


{ Life Changes }

{ Life changes } In so many ways I fear change…Its one of those things that are truly uncertain and make you anxious at even the thought. When I was a little girl, I had the prefect age in mind, as do we all I am sure? #25…Thats it! I used to dream about being independent and being able to make my own decisions and do what I wanted. The funny thing is though, I haven’t been pursuing that dream. I have been waiting for this huge thing to happen in my life that would pin point the right time to start living again. And in thinking about it, I am now 25…

So I am pinpointing it myself, now is the time to start living in the moment and enjoy what I work so hard for. I have a head full of cliche’s and I often wonder where the originality is in life, where do I start using my mind and my thoughts and my brain…I have come to realise that the cliches we hear all to often are what pave the path to us unlocking our intelligence and talking about life, love and experience many of us go through alone but share at the same time. To start living again is probably one of the hardest things you have to motivate yourself for…Its something that has to come from within. Its about reminding yourself that you are worth life and you are worth fighting for, you are worth your dreams and aspirations and you are the only person who can make them a reality. I think each and every one of us can relate to a shared experience and grow from it, learn from it and make the change we need for ourselves and those around us. #inspiration #brandingyou

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