Hi everyone, welcome to the new normal. We are two designers who thought it may be beneficial to round up our creative community and have some decent coffee and chats!

We are keeping it raw and real. No edits, because we’re all just human.

Join in conversations on how to adjust to the new normal, how to nurture and assist clients finding their feet in the online space and what it means to collaborate and share in a time of desperation and need. How do you foster compassion and soften an industry that has become so cutthroat?

We hope that those within the design, creative, advertising and marketing industries, as well as those we serve and service will join in on the conversation.


We invite all creatives and professionals to be part of these conversations, we want to hear what you think and share it with the world.

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Sinead & Sash


{ Mommy & Son Painting }

{ Mommy things } So I have to share this new piece being a mommy ☺️ My 4 year old son wanted to draw on one of my blank canvases and so, as a creative how could I resist…he drew big and beautiful shapes for mom and when I saw his finished work, I decided to collaborate and add some colour, paint and a bit of texture here and there. Happy to say this is our final piece and couldn’t be more proud to have had my little one work on it with me. #proudmom #love #art #create #life #son #cow #texture #home #canvas#painting

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Mini-Gems Christmas Promotion

{ The Christmas Preparations Have Begun } This year we as moms would like to extend our skills and hearts to the children who need it most. We have officially opened our Christmas range to the public and ask you to share the love, gifts and spirit with your family & friends. Mini-Gems will be giving 10% back to the community in the form of gifts, food and hampers this Christmas. For more information please contact 082 808 9195 | email: thevisualque@gmail.com #mammabear #givingback#community #christmas #love

Our promotions:

Family Photo Books (24pg h/c) R650
Kids Christmas Eve Boxes R400
Christmas Recipe Books R350
Personalised Hot Chocolate Jars R40
Personalised Cookie Jars R150
Family Hampers R450
Teacher’s Gifts R80
Personalised Christmas Labels & Cards R50 per pack
Staff Hampers R100

For more on Mini-Gems and the Christmas Drive, please contact Shan on 082 808 9195 | email: thevisualque@gmail.com

{ Keep a look out for more promotions and product specials in the festive season }



Today we will be discussing a topic given to us by Sinead Quiroz with Sinead herself! Entrepreneurship for youth in SA, how important it is for our future as a country.

Posted by Omegah on Monday, 28 August 2017